Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in review

Well I can't say it was a horrible year, yet not an overly great year either.  We sure have grown since we've moved out here together though.  Here's to hoping/praying that 2012 is an amazing year for us! 

Drove up South Mountain
Explored Lake Pleasant

Went to see the Montezuma Castle
Spent the day at the balloon fest at Lake Havasu City

Spent a week w/just my Dad here doing lots of "guy-like" activities such as showing him S. Mtn, a Nascar truck race, outdoor expo, & a spring training baseball game.

Spent a ladies week w/my Gt A. Char & her friend Sandy where we went to a wine & art fest, shopping, hiked Camelback Mtn, cooked, & walked around the Desert Botanical Garden.

Celebrated my 27th Birthday in Tucson & saw the Kartchner Caverns
Saw my first "broadway show" Billy Elliot with a great group of ladies
Went to see the Body Worlds & Brain exhibit at the AZ Science Center
Took our first flight home to PA for a week to visit fam/friends

Went to our first amusement park in AZ:  Castles & Coasters
Celebrated Mark's 26th Birthday
Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary
Mark totaled our car, so we had to get a new one

I started online classes full time to finish my Bachelor's degree

Camped out for a weekend in Cottonwood & Jerome

Spent a weekend in Vegas to see "The Voice" concert

Nothing exciting, just lots of school & work class stuff

Spent almost a week w/my parents visiting
I started my seasonal position at work where I'll work 7 12hr days/2 wks from Sept.-June, then have off from June to Sept. 
Found out I was pregnant with our first child
Went to see the Foo Fighters in concert w/friends
Saw our lil baby on the U/S screen for the first time!
Surprised our families with the news of the baby & started telling others

Celebrated our friends' baby girls' arrival into the world
Had our NT scan & got to see baby Smouse again
Announced preg. to work & on FB

Went to the Desert Botanical Gardens Luminaria event

Experienced one of the scariest & worst feelings/things I have had to deal with so far...hope to NEVER EVER have to go through that again!
Found out baby Smouse is a little girl!
Celebrated with a Christmas exchange/get-together with a great group of ladies
Spent a week at home w/fam. & friends by myself to celebrate Christmas
Celebrated Christmas apart from Mark for hopefully the first & last time ever

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